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Post-install GUI to compile to pyc and unpack twisted doco
Class ProgressBar Undocumented
Class Progressor A base class to make it simple to hook a progress bar up to a process.
Function compiler A generator for compiling files to .pyc
Class TkunzipOptions Undocumented
Function countPys Undocumented
Function countPysRecursive Undocumented
Function run Undocumented
Function doItConsolicious Undocumented
Function doItTkinterly Undocumented
def compiler(path): (source)
A generator for compiling files to .pyc
def countPys(countl, directory, names): (source)
def countPysRecursive(path): (source)
def run(argv=sys.argv): (source)
def doItConsolicious(opt): (source)
def doItTkinterly(opt): (source)
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