[Twisted-Python] bringing LDAP back

Bret Curtis bret.curtis at amplidata.com
Tue Jul 1 04:14:37 MDT 2014

Hello Twistrons,

I admit to being "that guy" who pushed this project forward and see
Ldaptor find a new home (and focus) in Twisted and I'm glad that Tommi
and Glyph are on board. I'm also glad that AntonG has also re-licensed
his changes as MIT and has written consent from another developer as

With that said, lets get this ball rolling.

Firstly, we'll need a repo to get started with. My company (Amplidata)
has it's own fork, but I think it is best we start with a clone, not a
direct fork as github would have us do, of tv42s repo. I've had
experience with a popular fork was 2 years further along than the
original, yet this fork would only be on the second page of search

We can either:
1) Move (donate) tv42's repo to Twisted, this means that all links to
tv42/Ldaptor would automatically be forwarded to Twisted/Ldaptor.
2) Twisted creates it's own Ldaptor repo, I or someone else clones
this and then merge TV42's repo in, commit/push and file a merge
request with Twisted/Ldaptor.

We're, of course, open to other suggestions, but those two above seem
the best options. From there, we can start dealing with other issues
such as:

A) What to do with the UI part of Ldaptor. Who, if anyone, still uses
it? Do we trim it out or just mark it as deprecated since it relies on
old versions of twisted and nevow.
B) Pull in downstream patches from Redhat, SuSE and Debian.
C) Replace remaining bits of non-MIT code.
D) Get back to tv42's Todo list. :)


On 28 June 2014 00:27, Glyph <glyph at twistedmatrix.com> wrote:
> Hello fellow Twistrons,
> A long time ago, for reasons we need not discuss here, the pure-python LDAP
> implementation within Twisted was pulled out into a separate package under a
> different license.
> Recently however, the authors of this LDAP code have generously re-licensed
> the code under a Twisted-compatible MIT license, both the original code at
> <https://github.com/tv42/ldaptor/commit/7e249b1586789a5c588f662ce74ee9f4338666e0>
> and the more recent fork (which I believe has more users) at
> <https://github.com/antong/ldaptor/issues/10>.  It seems as though there's
> even a solution for the problematic MD4 implementation here
> <https://github.com/tv42/ldaptor/pull/2>.
> Since there's no active, central hub for ldaptor development, I think we
> should pull it into the Twisted org on Github, and some of the folks on the
> Cc: line have volunteered to help with that.
> Does that sound good to everybody?  (Are you excited!!!?)
> It's also a possibility that we could distribute a for-real SSO back-end
> with Cred using this, which I'm pretty excited about.
> -glyph

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