[Twisted-Python] bringing TxMongo back from the brink!

bret curtis psi29a at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 07:10:27 MST 2015

Hello fellow Twistrons,

let me introduce TxMongo, an asynchronous MongoDB client that has come up a
few times in discussion on this list. The project isn't dead, it has been
contributed to over the years though while the original author, Alexandre
Fiori, reviews and accepts the pull requests.

After helping make a new 0.6 release, with SSL support, we talked about the
possibility of Amplidata taking on the future development of TxMongo and
breathing new life into the project. We just need a new place to host the
'official' repository and reign in all the various forks. What better place
to do that than Twisted's github organization, similar in nature to what
was done with Ldaptor.

Amplidata will be the primary driver in development, but new feature
requests and patches are of course, always welcome. :)

So what does everyone think of this?
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