t.c.i.w.ContainerWidget(Widget) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: twisted.conch.insults.window._Box, twisted.conch.insults.window.AbsoluteBox, twisted.conch.insults.window.Packer, twisted.conch.insults.window.TopWindow

Instance VariablesfocusedChildThe contained widget which currently has focus, or None.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method addChild Undocumented
Method remChild Undocumented
Method filthy Undocumented
Method render Undocumented
Method changeFocus Undocumented
Method focusReceived Called when focus is being given to this widget.
Method keystrokeReceived Undocumented

Inherited from Widget:

Method repaint Undocumented
Method redraw Undocumented
Method draw Undocumented
Method sizeHint Undocumented
Method tabReceived Undocumented
Method focusLost Undocumented
Method backspaceReceived Undocumented
Method functionKeyReceived Undocumented
Method characterReceived Undocumented
def __init__(self): (source)
def addChild(self, child): (source)
def remChild(self, child): (source)
def filthy(self): (source)
def render(self, width, height, terminal): (source)
def changeFocus(self): (source)
def focusReceived(self): (source)

Called when focus is being given to this widget.

May raise YieldFocus is this widget does not want focus.
def keystrokeReceived(self, keyID, modifier): (source)
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