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A top-level container object which provides focus wrap-around and paint scheduling.
Instance VariablespainterA no-argument callable which will be invoked when this widget needs to be redrawn.
schedulerA one-argument callable which will be invoked with a no-argument callable and should arrange for it to invoked at some point in the near future. The no-argument callable will cause this widget and all its children to be redrawn. It is typically beneficial for the no-argument callable to be invoked at the end of handling for whatever event is currently active; for example, it might make sense to call it at the end of twisted.conch.insults.insults.ITerminalProtocol.keystrokeReceived. Note, however, that since calls to this may also be made in response to no apparent event, arrangements should be made for the function to be called even if an event handler such as keystrokeReceived is not on the call stack (eg, using reactor.callLater with a short timeout).
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method repaint Undocumented
Method changeFocus Undocumented
Method keystrokeReceived Undocumented
Method _paint Undocumented

Inherited from ContainerWidget:

Method addChild Undocumented
Method remChild Undocumented
Method filthy Undocumented
Method render Undocumented
Method focusReceived Called when focus is being given to this widget.

Inherited from Widget (via ContainerWidget):

Method redraw Undocumented
Method draw Undocumented
Method sizeHint Undocumented
Method tabReceived Undocumented
Method focusLost Undocumented
Method backspaceReceived Undocumented
Method functionKeyReceived Undocumented
Method characterReceived Undocumented
def __init__(self, painter, scheduler): (source)
def repaint(self): (source)
def _paint(self): (source)
def changeFocus(self): (source)
def keystrokeReceived(self, keyID, modifier): (source)
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