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Interactive Interpreter with special output and Deferred support.

Aside from the features provided by code.InteractiveInterpreter, this class captures sys.stdout output and redirects it to the appropriate location (the Manhole protocol instance). It also treats Deferreds which reach the top-level specially: each is formatted to the user with a unique identifier and a new callback and errback added to it, each of which will format the unique identifier and the result with which the Deferred fires and then pass it on to the next participant in the callback chain.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method resetBuffer Reset the input buffer.
Method push Push a line to the interpreter.
Method runcode Undocumented
Method displayhook Undocumented
Method write Undocumented
Method _cbDisplayDeferred Undocumented
Method _ebDisplayDeferred Undocumented
def __init__(self, handler, locals=None, filename='<console>'): (source)
def resetBuffer(self): (source)
Reset the input buffer.
def push(self, line): (source)

Push a line to the interpreter.

The line should not have a trailing newline; it may have internal newlines. The line is appended to a buffer and the interpreter's runsource() method is called with the concatenated contents of the buffer as source. If this indicates that the command was executed or invalid, the buffer is reset; otherwise, the command is incomplete, and the buffer is left as it was after the line was appended. The return value is 1 if more input is required, 0 if the line was dealt with in some way (this is the same as runsource()).
def runcode(self, *a, **kw): (source)
def displayhook(self, obj): (source)
def _cbDisplayDeferred(self, result, k, obj): (source)
def _ebDisplayDeferred(self, failure, k, obj): (source)
def write(self, data, async=False): (source)
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