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Line-input oriented interactive interpreter loop.

Provides classes for handling Python source input and arbitrary output interactively from a Twisted application. Also included is syntax coloring code with support for VT102 terminals, control code handling (^C, ^D, ^Q), and reasonable handling of Deferreds.
AuthorJp Calderone
Class FileWrapper Minimal write-file-like object.
Class ManholeInterpreter Interactive Interpreter with special output and Deferred support.
Class Manhole Mediator between a fancy line source and an interactive interpreter.
Class VT102Writer Colorizer for Python tokens.
Function lastColorizedLine Tokenize and colorize the given Python source.
Class ColoredManhole A REPL which syntax colors input as users type it.
def lastColorizedLine(source): (source)

Tokenize and colorize the given Python source.

Returns a VT102-format colorized version of the last line of source.
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