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Implements interfaces: twisted.cred.checkers.ICredentialsChecker

A credentials checker for a UNIX server. This will check that an authenticating username/password is a valid user on the system.

Does not work on Windows.

Right now this supports Python's pwd and spwd modules, if they are installed. It does not support PAM.
Method checkPwd Undocumented
Method checkSpwd Undocumented
Method requestAvatarId
def checkPwd(self, pwd, username, password): (source)
def checkSpwd(self, spwd, username, password): (source)
def requestAvatarId(self, credentials): (source)
Parameterscredentialssomething which implements one of the interfaces in self.credentialInterfaces.
Returnsa Deferred which will fire a string which identifies an avatar, an empty tuple to specify an authenticated anonymous user (provided as checkers.ANONYMOUS) or fire a Failure(UnauthorizedLogin). Alternatively, return the result itself.
See Alsotwisted.cred.credentials
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