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Internal object used to mark a TestCase as 'todo'. Tests marked 'todo' are reported differently in Trial TestResults. If todo'd tests fail, they do not fail the suite and the errors are reported in a separate category. If todo'd tests succeed, Trial TestResults will report an unexpected success.
Method __init__
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method expected
def __init__(self, reason, errors=None): (source)
ParametersreasonA string explaining why the test is marked 'todo'
errorsAn iterable of exception types that the test is expected to raise. If one of these errors is raised by the test, it will be trapped. Raising any other kind of error will fail the test. If None is passed, then all errors will be trapped.
def __repr__(self): (source)
def expected(self, failure): (source)
ParametersfailureA twisted.python.failure.Failure.
ReturnsTrue if failure is expected, False otherwise.
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