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Implementation of RFC2617: HTTP Digest Authentication

Function calcHA1
Function calcResponse Undocumented
Interface IUsernameDigestHash This credential is used when a CredentialChecker has access to the hash of the username:realm:password as in an Apache .htdigest file.
Class DigestedCredentials Yet Another Simple HTTP Digest authentication scheme
Class DigestCredentialFactory Support for RFC2617 HTTP Digest Authentication
def calcHA1(pszAlg, pszUserName, pszRealm, pszPassword, pszNonce, pszCNonce, preHA1=None): (source)
ParameterspszAlgThe name of the algorithm to use to calculate the digest. Currently supported are md5 md5-sess and sha.
pszUserNameThe username
pszRealmThe realm
pszPasswordThe password
pszNonceThe nonce
pszCNonceThe cnonce
preHA1If available this is a str containing a previously calculated HA1 as a hex string. If this is given then the values for pszUserName, pszRealm, and pszPassword are ignored.
def calcResponse(HA1, algo, pszNonce, pszNonceCount, pszCNonce, pszQop, pszMethod, pszDigestUri, pszHEntity): (source)
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