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Twisted Web2: an experimental web server implementation.

Features from this package are being merged into twisted.web. Once that is complete, this package will be removed.

See http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/wiki/WebDevelopmentWithTwisted.
Package auth Client and server implementations of http authentication
Package channel Various backend channel implementations for web2.
Package client Twisted.web2.client: Client Implementation
Module compat No module docstring; 1/4 classes, 0/2 functions documented
Module dirlist Directory listing.
Module error Default error output filter for twisted.web2.
Module fileupload No module docstring; 0/3 classes, 2/7 functions documented
Package filter Output filters.
Module http HyperText Transfer Protocol implementation.
Module http_headers HTTP header representation, parsing, and serialization.
Module iweb I contain the interfaces for several web related objects including IRequest and IResource. I am based heavily on ideas from nevow.inevow.
Module log Logging tools. This is still in flux (even moreso than the rest of web2).
Module plugin I'm a set of utility functions and resources for using twisted.plugins to locate resources.
Module proxy No module docstring; 7/9 classes, 0/1 functions, 1/1 interfaces documented
Module resource I hold the lowest-level Resource class and related mix-in classes.
Module responsecode Undocumented
Module server This is a web-server which integrates with the twisted.internet infrastructure.
Module static I deal with static resources.
Module stream No summary
Module tap Undocumented
Module twcgi I hold resource classes and helper classes that deal with CGI scripts.
Module twscgi SCGI client resource and protocols.
Module vhost I am a virtual hosts implementation.
Module wsgi An implementation of PEP 333: Python Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI).
Module xmlrpc A generic resource for publishing objects via XML-RPC.
Module _version Undocumented
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