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This class handles the state and parsing for one HTTP request. It is responsible for all the low-level connection oriented behavior. Thus, it takes care of keep-alive, de-chunking, etc., and passes the non-connection headers on to the user-level Request object.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method gotInitialLine Undocumented
Method lineLengthExceeded Undocumented
Method createRequest Undocumented
Method processRequest Undocumented
Method handleContentChunk Undocumented
Method handleContentComplete Undocumented
Method writeIntermediateResponse Undocumented
Method writeHeaders Undocumented
Method write Undocumented
Method finish We are finished writing data.
Method abortConnection No summary
Method getHostInfo Undocumented
Method getRemoteHost Undocumented
Method noLongerQueued Notify the object that it is no longer queued.
Method registerProducer Register a producer.
Method unregisterProducer Unregister the producer.
Method connectionLost connection was lost
Method _writeHeaders Undocumented
Method _abortWithError Handle low level protocol errors.
Method _cleanup Called when have finished responding and are no longer queued.

Inherited from HTTPParser:

Method lineReceived Undocumented
Method rawDataReceived Handle incoming content.
Method headerReceived Store this header away. Check for too much header data (> channel.maxHeaderLength) and abort the connection if so.
Method allHeadersReceived Undocumented
Method allContentReceived Undocumented
Method splitConnectionHeaders Split off connection control headers from normal headers.
Method setConnectionParams Undocumented
Method abortParse Undocumented
Method pauseProducing Undocumented
Method resumeProducing Undocumented
Method stopProducing Undocumented
def __init__(self, channel, queued=0): (source)
def gotInitialLine(self, initialLine): (source)
def lineLengthExceeded(self, line, wasFirst=False): (source)
def createRequest(self): (source)
def processRequest(self): (source)
def handleContentChunk(self, data): (source)
def handleContentComplete(self): (source)
def writeIntermediateResponse(self, code, headers=None): (source)
def writeHeaders(self, code, headers): (source)
def _writeHeaders(self, code, headers, addConnectionHeaders): (source)
def write(self, data): (source)
def finish(self): (source)
We are finished writing data.
def abortConnection(self, closeWrite=True): (source)

Abort the HTTP connection because of some kind of unrecoverable error. If closeWrite=False, then only abort reading, but leave the writing side alone. This is mostly for internal use by the HTTP request parsing logic, so that it can call an error page generator.

Otherwise, completely shut down the connection.
def getHostInfo(self): (source)
def getRemoteHost(self): (source)
def _abortWithError(self, errorcode, text=''): (source)
Handle low level protocol errors.
def _cleanup(self): (source)
Called when have finished responding and are no longer queued.
def noLongerQueued(self): (source)

Notify the object that it is no longer queued.

We start writing whatever data we have to the transport, etc.

This method is not intended for users.
def registerProducer(self, producer, streaming): (source)
Register a producer.
def unregisterProducer(self): (source)
Unregister the producer.
def connectionLost(self, reason): (source)
connection was lost
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