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A class for describing an HTTP request to be sent to the server.
Method __init__
def __init__(self, method, uri, headers, stream): (source)
ParametersmethodThe HTTP method to for this request, ex: 'GET', 'HEAD', 'POST', etc. (type: str )
uriThe URI of the resource to request, this may be absolute or relative, however the interpretation of this URI is left up to the remote server. (type: str )
headersHeaders to be sent to the server. It is important to note that this object does not create any implicit headers. So it is up to the HTTP Client to add required headers such as 'Host'. (type: dict, twisted.web2.http_headers.Headers, or None )
streamContent body to send to the remote HTTP server. (type: twisted.web2.stream.IByteStream )
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