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This is a web-server which integrates with the twisted.internet infrastructure.
Function defaultHeadersFilter Undocumented
Function preconditionfilter Undocumented
Function doTrace Undocumented
Function parsePOSTData Parse data of a POST request.
Class StopTraversal Indicates to Request._handleSegment that it should stop handling path segments.
Class Request vars: site
Class Site No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
Class NoURLForResourceError Undocumented
def defaultHeadersFilter(request, response): (source)
def preconditionfilter(request, response): (source)
def doTrace(request): (source)
def parsePOSTData(request, maxMem=100 * 1024, maxFields=1024, maxSize=10 * 1024 * 1024): (source)
Parse data of a POST request.
Parametersrequestthe request to parse. (type: twisted.web2.http.Request. )
maxMemmaximum memory used during the parsing of the data. (type: int )
maxFieldsmaximum number of form fields allowed. (type: int )
maxSizemaximum size of file upload allowed. (type: int )
Returnsa deferred that will fire when the parsing is done. The deferred itself doesn't hold a return value, the request is modified directly. (type: defer.Deferred )
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