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I hold resource classes and helper classes that deal with CGI scripts.

Things which are still not working properly:
Function createCGIEnvironment Undocumented
Function runCGI Undocumented
Class CGIScript I represent a CGI script.
Class FilteredScript I am a special version of a CGI script, that uses a specific executable (or, the first existing executable in a list of executables).
Class PHP3Script I am a FilteredScript that uses the default PHP3 command on most systems.
Class PHPScript I am a FilteredScript that uses the PHP command on most systems. Sometimes, php wants the path to itself as argv[0]. This is that time.
Class CGIProcessProtocol No class docstring; 3/10 methods documented
Class CGIDirectory A directory that serves only CGI scripts (to infinite depth) and does not support directory listings.
def createCGIEnvironment(request): (source)
def runCGI(request, filename, filterscript=None): (source)
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