t.w.l.BaseCommonAccessLoggingObserver(object) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: twisted.web2.log.DefaultCommonAccessLoggingObserver, twisted.web2.log.FileAccessLoggingObserver

An abstract Twisted-based logger for creating access logs.

Derived implementations of this class *must* implement the ``logMessage(message)`` method, which will send the message to an actual log/file or stream.
Method logMessage Undocumented
Method computeTimezoneForLog Undocumented
Method logDateString Undocumented
Method emit Undocumented
Method start Start observing log events.
Method stop Stop observing log events.
def logMessage(self, message): (source)
def computeTimezoneForLog(self, tz): (source)
def logDateString(self, when): (source)
def emit(self, eventDict): (source)
def start(self): (source)
Start observing log events.
def stop(self): (source)
Stop observing log events.
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