t.w.p.ProxyRequest(http.Request) : class documentation

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Used by Proxy to implement a simple web proxy.
Method process Called by channel to let you process the request.

Inherited from Request:

Method __init__
Method checkExpect Ensure there are no expectations that cannot be met. Checks Expect header against self.known_expects.
Method handleContentChunk Callback from channel when a piece of data has been received. Puts the data in .stream
Method handleContentComplete Callback from channel when all data has been received.
Method connectionLost connection was lost
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method writeResponse Write a response.
Method _sendContinue Undocumented
Method _finished We are finished writing data.
Method _error Undocumented
def process(self): (source)

Called by channel to let you process the request.

Can be overridden by a subclass to do something useful.
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