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Implements interfaces: twisted.internet.interfaces.IProducer

A producer that sends the contents of a file to a consumer.

This is a helper for protocols that, at some point, will take a file-like object, read its contents, and write them out to the network, optionally performing some transformation on the bytes in between.

Method beginFileTransfer Begin transferring a file
Method resumeProducing Undocumented
Method pauseProducing Undocumented
Method stopProducing Stop producing data.
def beginFileTransfer(self, file, consumer, transform=None): (source)
Begin transferring a file
ParametersfileThe file object to read data from (type: Any file-like object)
consumerThe object to write data to (type: Any implementor of IConsumer)
transformA callable taking one string argument and returning the same. All bytes read from the file are passed through this before being written to the consumer.
ReturnsA deferred whose callback will be invoked when the file has been completely written to the consumer. The last byte written to the consumer is passed to the callback. (type: Deferred)
def resumeProducing(self): (source)
def pauseProducing(self): (source)
def stopProducing(self): (source)
Stop producing data.

This tells a producer that its consumer has died, so it must stop producing data for good.

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