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Basic protocols, such as line-oriented, netstring, and int prefixed strings.
Class NetstringParseError The incoming data is not in valid Netstring format.
Class IncompleteNetstring Not enough data to complete a netstring.
Class NetstringReceiver A protocol that sends and receives netstrings.
Class LineOnlyReceiver A protocol that receives only lines.
Class LineReceiver A protocol that receives lines and/or raw data, depending on mode.
Class StringTooLongError Raised when trying to send a string too long for a length prefixed protocol.
Class IntNStringReceiver Generic class for length prefixed protocols.
Class Int32StringReceiver A receiver for int32-prefixed strings.
Class Int16StringReceiver A receiver for int16-prefixed strings.
Class Int8StringReceiver A receiver for int8-prefixed strings.
Class StatefulStringProtocol A stateful string protocol.
Class FileSender A producer that sends the contents of a file to a consumer.
Function _formatNetstring 0 Undocumented
Function _formatNetstring Undocumented
Class _PauseableMixin Undocumented
Class _RecvdCompatHack Emulates the to-be-deprecated IntNStringReceiver.recvd attribute.
def _formatNetstring 0(data): (source)
def _formatNetstring(data): (source)
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