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class twisted.internet.interfaces.ITLSTransport(ITCPTransport): (source)

Known implementations: twisted.internet.iocpreactor.tcp.Connection

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A TCP transport that supports switching to TLS midstream.

Once TLS mode is started the transport will implement ISSLTransport.

Method startTLS Initiate TLS negotiation.

Inherited from ITCPTransport:

Method loseWriteConnection Half-close the write side of a TCP connection.
Method abortConnection Close the connection abruptly.
Method getTcpNoDelay Return if TCP_NODELAY is enabled.
Method setTcpNoDelay Enable/disable TCP_NODELAY.
Method getTcpKeepAlive Return if SO_KEEPALIVE is enabled.
Method setTcpKeepAlive Enable/disable SO_KEEPALIVE.
Method getHost Returns IPv4Address or IPv6Address.
Method getPeer Returns IPv4Address or IPv6Address.

Inherited from ITransport (via ITCPTransport):

Method write Write some data to the physical connection, in sequence, in a non-blocking fashion.
Method writeSequence Write an iterable of byte strings to the physical connection.
Method loseConnection Close my connection, after writing all pending data.
def startTLS(contextFactory): (source)

Initiate TLS negotiation.

ParameterscontextFactoryAn object which creates appropriately configured TLS connections.

For clients, use twisted.internet.ssl.optionsForClientTLS; for servers, use twisted.internet.ssl.CertificateOptions.

(type: IOpenSSLClientConnectionCreator or IOpenSSLServerConnectionCreator, depending on whether this ITLSTransport is a server or not. If the appropriate interface is not provided by the value given for contextFactory, it must be an implementor of IOpenSSLContextFactory.)
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