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This module represents flavors of remotely acessible objects.

Currently this is only objects accessible through Perspective Broker, but will hopefully encompass all forms of remote access which can emulate subsets of PB (such as XMLRPC or SOAP).

Future Plans: Optimization. Exploitation of new-style object model. Optimizations to this module should not affect external-use semantics at all, but may have a small impact on users who subclass and override methods.
AuthorGlyph Lefkowitz
Function unjellyCached Undocumented
Function unjellyLCache Undocumented
Function unjellyLocal Undocumented
Class RemoteCacheMethod A method on a reference to a RemoteCache.
def unjellyCached(unjellier, unjellyList): (source)
def unjellyLCache(unjellier, unjellyList): (source)
def unjellyLocal(unjellier, unjellyList): (source)
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