t.s.p._PortalWrapper(Referenceable, _JellyableAvatarMixin) : class documentation

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Root Referenceable object, used to login to portal.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method remote_login Start of username/password login.
Method remote_loginAnonymous Attempt an anonymous login.

Inherited from _JellyableAvatarMixin:

Method _cbLogin Ensure that the avatar to be returned to the client is jellyable and set up disconnection notification to call the realm's logout object.
def __init__(self, portal, broker): (source)
def remote_login(self, username): (source)
Start of username/password login.
def remote_loginAnonymous(self, mind): (source)
Attempt an anonymous login.
ParametersmindAn object to use as the mind parameter to the portal login call (possibly None).
ReturnsA Deferred which will be called back with an avatar when login succeeds or which will be errbacked if login fails somehow. (type: Deferred )
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