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A directory that serves only CGI scripts (to infinite depth) and does not support directory listings.
ParameterspathnameA path to the directory that you wish to serve CGI scripts from, for example /var/www/cgi-bin/
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method locateChild No summary
Method render No summary

Inherited from Resource:

Method child_ This method locates a child with a trailing "/" in the URL. @param request: the request to process.
Method putChild Register a static child.
Method http_GET Respond to a GET request.

Inherited from RenderMixin (via Resource):

Method allowedMethods
Method checkPreconditions No summary
Method renderHTTP See iweb.IResource.renderHTTP.
Method http_OPTIONS Respond to a OPTIONS request. @param request: the request to process. @return: an object adaptable to iweb.IResponse.
Method http_TRACE Respond to a TRACE request. @param request: the request to process. @return: an object adaptable to iweb.IResponse.
Method http_HEAD Respond to a HEAD request. @param request: the request to process. @return: an object adaptable to iweb.IResponse.

Inherited from FilePath:

Method __getstate__ Undocumented
Method child Undocumented
Method preauthChild Use me if `path' might have slashes in it, but you know they're safe.
Method childSearchPreauth Return my first existing child with a name in 'paths'.
Method siblingExtensionSearch Attempt to return a path with my name, given multiple possible extensions.
Method realpath No summary
Method siblingExtension Undocumented
Method linkTo No summary
Method open Undocumented
Method restat Re-calculate cached effects of 'stat'. To refresh information on this path after you know the filesystem may have changed, call this method.
Method chmod Changes the permissions on self, if possible. Propagates errors from os.chmod up.
Method getsize Undocumented
Method getModificationTime Retrieve the time of last access from this file.
Method getStatusChangeTime Retrieve the time of the last status change for this file.
Method getAccessTime Retrieve the time that this file was last accessed.
Method exists Check if the path exists.
Method isdir Undocumented
Method isfile Undocumented
Method islink Undocumented
Method isabs Undocumented
Method listdir Undocumented
Method splitext Undocumented
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method touch Undocumented
Method remove No summary
Method makedirs Create all directories not yet existing in path segments, using os.makedirs.
Method globChildren Assuming I am representing a directory, return a list of FilePaths representing my children that match the given pattern.
Method basename Undocumented
Method dirname Undocumented
Method parent Undocumented
Method setContent Undocumented
Method __cmp__ Undocumented
Method createDirectory Undocumented
Method requireCreate Undocumented
Method create Exclusively create a file, only if this file previously did not exist.
Method temporarySibling Create a path naming a temporary sibling of this path in a secure fashion.
Method copyTo Copies self to destination.
Method moveTo No summary

Inherited from _PathHelper (via FilePath):

Method getContent Undocumented
Method parents
Method children List the chilren of this path object.
Method walk No summary
Method sibling Undocumented
Method segmentsFrom Return a list of segments between a child and its ancestor.
Method __hash__ Hash the same as another FilePath with the same path as mine.
Method getmtime Deprecated. Use getModificationTime instead.
Method getatime Deprecated. Use getAccessTime instead.
Method getctime Deprecated. Use getStatusChangeTime instead.
def __init__(self, pathname): (source)
def locateChild(self, request, segments): (source)
Locates a child resource of this resource.
Parametersrequestthe request to process.
segmentsa sequence of URL path segments.
Returnsa tuple of (child, segments) containing the child of this resource which matches one or more of the given segments in sequence, and a list of remaining segments.
def render(self, request): (source)
Subclasses should implement this method to do page rendering. See http_GET.
Parametersrequestthe request to process.
Returnsan object adaptable to iweb.IResponse.
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