tubes offers an abstraction of data flow and backpressure for event-driven applications.

Module fan Tools for turning founts and drains into multiple founts and drains.
Module framing Tubes that can convert streams of data into discrete chunks and back again.
Module itube Interfaces related to data flows.
Module kit Toolkit to alleviate some of the duplication in constructing your own IFount and IDrain implementations.
Module listening Listening.
Module memory Founts and drains that can produce values from static data in memory.
Module protocol Objects to connect real data to tubes.
Module routing A Router receives items with addressing information and dispatches them to an appropriate output, stripping the addressing information off.
Module tube See tube.
Module undefer Deferred support for Tubes.
Module _components Various component utilities.
Module _siphon Adapters for converting ITube to IDrain and IFount.
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